About Us

Who We Are

Windy Meadows Hatchery is a small hatchery located in Campbell Texas, owned and operated by Daniel and Deborah Hale with the assistance of a few trusted workers and inspiration from our children.

We supply both small and large (from 10 to 100,000 chicks per year) pastured poultry and backyard operations in Texas and the surrounding states, hatching weekly spring through fall and bi-weekly through the winter.

Our Story

We started hatching a few chicks for ourselves about 20 years ago when the family pastured poultry business owned by Daniel’s parents had trouble finding a hatchery in the area who could consistently supply the quality of chicks we needed for successful poultry production. As more small pastured poultry farms emerged in the region to meet the growing demand of health-conscious buyers, we expanded our business to supply other growers with chicks.

What This Means For You

There’s an old saying in the cattle industry that “stockmanship trumps genetics” – meaning there is no wonder breed that will magically solve all possible production problems. The same is true in the pastured poultry business. Nobody can sell you a breed of broiler chick that solves all your problems, but what we hope we can do for you is make the chick buying and sourcing experience a positive one that helps you, instead of draining energy from your operation.

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